'I do not wake up in the morning thinking

today is a good day to do something foolish

it just so happens that not all of my conduct

is supported by solid reason'

Joanna Ryde in The Girl who was a Gentleman

The Girl who was a  Gentleman

Victorian England 1872. The impoverished Ryde sisters live on the small Isle of Wight. Opportunities are scarce and their only hope is to marry well, except that 18-year-old Joanna Ryde does not believe in fairy tales and decides to be her own prince! She cuts  off her hair, dresses up in her father's clothes, changes her name to 'Jonathan', and goes to an all-boys-boarding-school in London. What could possibly go wrong? Lots, particularly when Joanna starts falling for one of her teachers, and her love rival turns out to be not only rich and sophisticate Abigail but also one of the other students at school...

About the author

Anna Jane Greenville thinks romantic novels are the best thing since rainbow cupcakes! She can spend hours, nay, days in bookshops browsing the shelves and smelling the pages of freshly printed tales. It inspires her to create her own kickass heroines and mysteriously dark but awfully charming heroes. Anna is a proper northern German London-girl (whatever that is), the years spent surviving in the English capital contribute a great deal to her stories. You can feel London’s rich history and vibrant culture pour into the pages.

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